What Joy Does

Joy Focuses on Your Happiness.

4 Ways It Makes You Smile.


The Pursuit of
Happy Spends

What makes you happy? Friends? Coffee? Clouds that look like puppies? No matter what it is, by focusing on how you feel about what you buy, you can literally start buying happiness for yourself.


Back in

Life can be a real jerk sometimes. So much of it is outside your control. But not everything. Your happiness for one. And your money for two. By focusing on what you can control, you can be happier, build your savings and seize back control of your financial happiness. Carpe Dimes.


Robots With

It may feel like finance is built for number-crunching robots and not regular human people like you. And that's pretty true, actually. But not anymore! By giving you a number-crunching robot Money Coach who truly gives a $#*% about you, finance will no longer be just for "finance types."


Life Beyond

Numbers aren't everything. You're more than your credit score. Your student loans. Your Amazon cart. You're a person. A person who dreams, loves and strives for more. By focusing on you as a person, we know we'll do more for you and your numbers.