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What Joy Does

Joy focuses on your happiness.

It’s an app that helps you track your finances and boost your well-being at the same time. Joy offers money coaching, a savings strategy, a unique way to track your spending, and shareable reads on finances and happiness, giving you a place to get organized, get on track, and get inspired.

Here’s how Joy makes your day brighter — and your wallet fatter — all at the same time:

Joy connects your spending and your mood

Other financial apps will say you’ve gotta cut back on lattes to save money. Not us. Does your daily double espresso make you happy? Awesome. Track it as a “happy spend” and enjoy the caffeine surge. By breaking down purchases into “happy spends” and “sad spends” you can tap into the psychology behind your buying — which can help you can spend happier and save more.

Joy makes it easier than ever to save

Your Joy Savings Account is 100% free and makes saving simple. Open Joy each day to see how much your Money Coach recommends for you to save, and simply tap "Go" to make it happen.

Joy offers
 free financial coaching

Are sale pop-ups your weakness? (“I can save 20%, but only if I buy something now? :pulls out credit card:) Does all your free cash go toward vacations? Or are you one of those people who gets uncomfortable if your budget strays even a dollar from your weekly plan? Whatever your money habits, we won’t judge. We get it: Not everyone spends the same way, and not everyone will save in the same way, either. A one-of-a-kind assessment, created by clinical psychologists, data analysts, and neuroscientists, creates your financial profile and matches you with a money coach to help you reach your goals.

Joy sees the big picture

It’s never “just” about money. It’s about your career, your relationships, your dreams. We understand, and offer unique perspectives on the way that money and life intertwine to make you lol, cringe, think, and share. Because it’s not about money. It’s about Joy.

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