“Joy is the one app you need to download immediately.”
“Joy is betting that it’s personalized delivery — determined by a user’s psychological profile and financial data — will set it apart from the competition.”
“Joy is a brand new app that cleverly utilizes some of the same psychological tricks of dating apps — but in order to help out your wallet rather than your love life.”
“Now there’s an app that can help you examine the psychology behind the way you spend money.”
“Joy’s methodology is intended to help you pay more attention to how your money is making you feel day to day — because, clearly, money can make you feel something.”
“We don’t talk enough about the emotional side of money … Joy puts your money to good use by giving you a chance to categorize your purchases as “happy spends” or “sad spends.”
“Joy takes a psychology-based approach to saving money, and, in turn, creates a healthier relationship between you and your personal finances.”
“Money meets psychology to bring females into the future of fintech.”

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