What People

Are Asking.

Is Joy in the App Store?

It sure is! Download it here.

Is Joy available for Android?

Almost! We’ve already begun work on Joy for Android and plan to release to the Google Play Store in the near future. Get notified when it’s ready.

Is Joy free?

Yes! It costs you nothing. Joy even offers you a free savings account.

Can I use Joy if I live outside of the U.S.?

As of now, Joy is only available for those in the United States.

Is Joy safe to use?

Absolutely. We care deeply for our members and take your security and privacy incredibly seriously. Our protection over your personal information is held to the same standard banks are held to.

Also, if it adds any comfort, we use Joy ourselves and wouldn’t want to put our personal information at risk either. :)

What banks work with Joy?

Right now, Joy works with every major bank, plus around 20,000 other credit unions and credit card companies.

We’re constantly adding new banks, so if your bank, credit union or credit card company isn’t covered, we hope it will be soon.

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