May 13

6 Swaps to Help You Save $150 This Week

When it comes to saving money, so many suggestions assume spending less means having less fun. Sure, you could go home after work every day, skip all social events, and eat all the leftovers in your fridge. But saving money doesn’t necessarily need to mean denying yourself. Here, six ways to save $150 this week, without any deprivation. Keep these habits until Memorial Day, and you’ll have a cool $900 banked.



Instead of: Meeting for dinner

Try: Meeting for breakfast

Not only is breakfast less expensive than dinner, but it’s often so much easier to find a time you’re both free for an a.m. meetup than one at night.


You save: $20



Instead of: Going for a drink

Try: Going for a walk

The weather is brilliant, so instead of heading to the same-old bar for a glass of wine, get a few friends together and head on a walk. Bring your own coffees or snacks for a picnic midway through.


You save: $25



Instead of: Buying a present for a birthday party

Try: DIY-ing a gift

You don’t need to be crafty or have a ton of time to make something heartfelt. A printed out photo in an inexpensive frame coupled with a nice card can be far more meaningful than another hand lotion. Another option: Take an empty bottle, scrub it, and place a handwritten note inside — a message in a bottle — for a unique gift.


You save: $20



Instead of: Taking a pricy boutique workout class

Try: A trial class

Plenty of gyms and yoga studios offer trial classes that are free or inexpensive. Look for places in your area you haven’t tried yet — and be open to experimenting with new ways to work out.


You save: $20



Instead of: Going out on a Friday night

Try: Inviting people over

Sure, it’s always less expensive to have a house party than going out. But thinking of a theme for the evening can make the night seem more fun than just another same-old hang. To keep costs low, ask everyone to bring one bottle of alcohol they have hanging around their home. Then download an app like Cocktail Flow and play bartender while you mix up fun drinks.


You save: $40



Instead of: Buying lunch

Try: Setting up a lunch pool

If you work in an office or coworking space, consider pooling resources and coming up with a lunch plan. For example, if five people put in $20 for the week, that’s $100 to spend on groceries for the office. Buying hummus, cold cuts, crudites, and bread can help alleviate sad desk lunches and give enough variety to make some interesting midday meals.


You save: $30



Total saved: $150