Mar 27

10 Reasons Why an Office BFF is the Key to Work Happiness

Work is a big part of our busy modern lives. Many of us spend 8+ hours at the office a day, and that means we often get close to the people we work with. Of course, we’re bound to get along better with some people than with others, and sometimes, we meet a truly kindred spirit who becomes our office BFF. Here’s why they’re the absolute best.



1)You always have a lunch partner

Nothing’s worse than being new somewhere and desperately trying to figure out where to sit. Once you have a work BFF, you’ve got a steady lunch date forever. (Or, as long as you both work there.)


2) She knows your coffee (or tea, or drink) order

You always have someone to run to Starbucks with and if you can’t go together, she knows your order and brings it back for you. And she doesn’t worry about you owing her six bucks, because she knows you’ll get her next time.

3) You’ve got a built-in work-function friend

You always have someone to hang out with at meetings and parties — and if there’s a retreat and you have to share hotel rooms, you both automatically know to put each other’s names down.

4) You know when to switch from Slack to text

Even when you both adore your jobs, sometimes you just need to vent. Your work BFF knows exactly when to take it off company property and switch to iChat.

5) You give each other the best career advice

Because you’re both at the same company, you can help suss out what certain memos mean, and whether or not it’s the right time to ask for a raise. Your outside-of-work friends may have great advice to give, too, but nobody knows the ins-and-outs of your workplace dynamic like your office BFF.

6) She’s the best person to vent to

If you need a 2 pm freak-out break because you’re worried you won’t finish a project, she’ll be there to tell you that not only will you totally finish in time, but you’re gonna knock it out of the park.

7) You’ve got someone to celebrate with

Nobody understands how impressive your workplace achievements are as well as your office BFF. And she can be sure that you’ll be there to share a glass of bubbly with her when she gets that well-deserved promotion.

8) Just seeing her in a meeting cheers you up and calms your nerves

When she walks in the room, you know everything’s gonna be OK, because no matter what, you have each other’s backs. It’s just like being in the same class as your BFF back in the day. (And sometimes you even pass notes, too!)


9) You miss them when they’re on vacation

When your office BFF is out on PTO or sick, it’s as if the day is twice as long. Of course, you still stay in touch via text and send her all the hot work gossip. And when you’re out of town on vacay, she comments on your Instagrams and DMs you with the new snack options in the kitchen.

10) You hang out outside of work

The sign of the ultimate office BFF is someone who translates to an IRL friend. The first time you see each other on a weekend is always a bit of a rush — and one that should be celebrated with a boozy brunch!


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