Feb 11

9 Gifts Under $15 for the Non-Romantic Loves In Your Life

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Never has one day been so loved and so detested! You can’t swing a Cupid without hitting someone who has big, big feelings about one teeny, tiny day. The people who hate it usually do so because they don’t love the commercialization of love — they claim it’s just a corporate cash grab that’s devoid of any true emotion. It can also feel exclusionary — what with all the focus on red roses and romance. Well, I’d like to make the case for loving Valentine’s Day no matter what, because it doesn’t have to be either of those things. It’s not a reason to blow the bank on fancy chocolates, nor is it only about romantic ~*~love~*~. No, Valentine’s Day is just about love — any kind of love — and celebrating it, whether it be with an expensive dinner or with a handmade card.


When I was growing up, my mom would always give me and my siblings a small heart-shaped treat on Valentine’s Day and it always felt amazing. As I got older, I would often give little presents to the people I love just to show them I care…. whether or not I was in a relationship. Because loving other people and being loved in return is what’s life is all about. Plus, who doesn’t love to get presents from the people they adore? If this inspires you to celebrate the platonic loves in your life this year, here are my favorite inexpensive non-romantic Valentine’s Day gifts.



A beautiful handmade card

Throwing it back to grade school days, there are few things that are more fun than creating your own lovely lil’ card using red construction paper, glitter, and markers. Plus, the receiver will sure to feel loved knowing how much care went into it.



A batch of heart-shaped cookies

Whether store-bought or homemade, these always be the gold-standard in Valentine’s Day gifts. After all, what says “I love you” more than sweet treats?



A cute lollipop

Meeting a friend for lunch or coffee on (or around!) Valentine’s Day? Bring them a little treat and see their faces light up. A friend of mine gave me a super silly marshmallow pop the day before Valentine’s Day last year and I was honestly smiling about it for a week.



A bath bomb

They cost just a few dollars at a drug store, and they’ll make your friend feel so cared for. There’s nothing more lovely than laying in a hot bath that smells like lavender and rose petals!



A succulent

A cute, small plant (that’s fairly easy to take care of!) will remind the person that you love them every time they look at it.



An online collection of photos of the two of you

These are so simple to make via Google Photos and other services — just create a collection of your favorite memories with the other person and share the album. My sister did this recently, and it was so fun to see all our great memories together.



A coupon

Hand-make one for a service you can provide! Are you a photographer and want to give a photo session for their kids? Or a graphic designer that can create a logo for their new side-hustle? You probably have some skills to share, and there’s no better gift than your valuable time.



Their favorite candy bar

Valentine’s Day is about love and also chocolate. Even just picking up a Snickers Bar and giving it to them at your next hangout will show you care in a (literally!) sweet way.



A book that reminds you of them

Share a book that you think the other person would love — along with a note saying why. This will make them feel very special and loved on Valentine’s Day!


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