Dec 17

9 Fast and Simple Ways to Instantly Relieve Stress at Work

Being an adult can be hard — especially the working parts! Work is often rewarding, exciting, and filled with opportunities for growth, but work-related stress can also drag you down. The results of a recent survey on stress and the American worker found that stress is extremely common. Even reading that kinda stressed me out. Yikes!


Thankfully, there are things you can do at work to chill out, and–bonus–some of them don’t take much time at all and provide a multitude of benefits.

1) Meditate

Yes, even at work! Meditation is free, fast, and the stress-reducing benefits are immense. And it just so happens we have a helpful article on meditation right here on (Yes, I’m biased because I wrote it, but also: it is helpful!) Sneak into the breakroom to spend some quality one-on-one time with a great meditation app like Calm or Insight Timer, and feel that work stress melt away.


2) Practice mindfulness

Meditation’s cousin, mindfulness, is another way to de-stress quickly. A 2016 study showed that mindfulness, which can be cultivated through a variety of practices, helps combat stress and anxiety. To practice mindfulness, focus on what’s going on in the present — which might sound simple, but can be quite difficult. Take a walk or practice a few yoga poses while being acutely aware of everything your senses take in.

3) Vent to a colleague

Just hearing a friend’s voice can ease the tension in our shoulders, and remind you that everything is going to be OK. Take a fifteen-minute break, grab a coffee, and let it all out.

4) Get up and move

Sure, you may only have five minutes, but sometimes that’s all you need. Go to the parking lot and do a few jumping jacks, take a walk around the block, or even walk upstairs to gossip with your favorite coworker on another floor. Moving helps to relieve stress by pumping you full of endorphins, and relaxing you.


5) Think about your past successes

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by a task and sure that you won’t do a good job, remember that you’re a boss who gets things DONE. A simple way to do that? Reflect on a past achievement and bask in your awesomeness. You can even keep an email folder of compliments from coworkers, clients, and bosses, and use it to periodically remind yourself that you’re fabulous at your job.

6) Journal

Simply writing out what’s going on in your brain for five minutes can help you to de-stress you and can also provide clarity on any issues you’re facing. Put pen to paper and feel relief over whatever problems are plaguing you on the job.

7) Channel Your inner child

We all have things we really, really love doing. Some of them are silly and goofy, and reconnect us to the joy we felt as kids. Maybe you want to sing, dance, write a poem, or challenge your co-worker to a race across the quad. Whatever it is, do it and feel the stress evaporate. And if you feel silly dancing in the open, find an empty conference room and let it all out.


8) Take a minute (or 10!) to organize your desk

Sometimes if the things around you are messy, it can make your brain feel messy. If you take 10 minutes to clean, de-clutter, and organize your workspace, it might be all you need to let your worrying brain take a break, and get back to being super productive.


9) Take a quick Insta break

Sure, sometimes looking at social media can make you even more stressed — but not all Insta-follows are created equal. Certain accounts provide meditative experiences that are unparalleled in helping you zone out, like these 10 Instagram accounts that will boost your happiness. I’m talking cakes being decorated in fast motion, sticky sand being methodically sliced, and accounts that post pictures that make you feel instantly relaxed. Find your favorites and scroll through for a chill break. 




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