Nov 28

Ten Instagram Accounts That Will Boost Your Happiness

Sometimes you just need to zone out with your phone out. Whether it’s during lunch, between classes, or when you’re trying to decompress after a long day, the magical little computer you carry in your pocket can provide the perfect opportunity to chill. However, some things you do on your phone can actually stress you out and make you feel worse. Whether it’s comparing yourself to your seemingly perfect friends on Facebook, or dealing with hostile people on Twitter, sometimes it’s too much. However, there’s one wonderful app where it’s easy to indulge in cute pics of your cousin’s dog or dreamily gaze at cake decorating videos, and that Happy Place is Instagram. Of course, not all Insta accounts are steady sources of joy, but these 10 accounts will give you an unexpected rush of delight every time you scroll past them.


The official Instagram account for the popular UK-based Tate art galleries is not your normal museum Insta. It’s a treasure trove of stunning art, wild ideas, and original images that’ll broaden your mind and ignite your imagination.

Happiest Instagram Accounts


The universe is big and the possibilities are endless. Let NASA’s official feed inspire you.

Happiest Instagram Accounts

Woof & Walls  

If cute dogs working it in front of colorful walls doesn’t make you smile, I am worried about your brain. JK, your brain is perfect, and this account will definitely make you smile.

Happiest Instagram Accounts


This account is all about finding beautiful images in everyday life, and it’ll change the way you look at things–and have you art directing your grocery run.

Happiest Instagram Accounts

A Beautiful Mess

Looking to stretch those DIY muscles, or just watch awesome things come to life? This is the ultimate do-it-yourself Instagram feed and it’s gonna get you out from behind the phone screen and into the craft shop.

Happiest Instagram Accounts

Flora Forager

Bridget Beth Collins creates art with flower petals. The results are more delicate and gorgeous than you could imagine.

Happiest Instagram Accounts

Beautiful Destinations

It’s an Instagram account filled with stunning places you want to visit. It’ll give you major wanderlust and encourage you to plan a trip—even if it’s just to a campout in your backyard.

Happiest Instagram Accounts

Hands down, the most delicious account on all of Instagram. Even better, it’s run by a 17-year-old vegan blogger, Jose, from Lima, Peru. OBSESSED.

Happiest Instagram Accounts


Color, color, color. Color makes everything happier, and Pantone’s official account has more than enough to go around.

Happiest Instagram Accounts


Happiest Instagram Accounts

OK, OK, I know we’re promoting our own Insta, but seriously! It’s the greatest! Filled with hilarious memes, adorable photos, and real, actionable money advice, it might just be the most joyful place on the internet!


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