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Joy is the brand new money app that will change the way you spend and save money to help you find more happiness in your life.

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“Joy’s methodology is intended to help you pay more attention to how your money is making you feel day to day — because, clearly, money can make you feel something.”
— Brit + Co

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Discover Your Personality & Money Habits.

Numbers aren't everything. You're a person. A person who dreams, loves and strives for more. By focusing on you as a person, we know we'll do more for you and your numbers.

Get matched to one of the Joy Money Coaches.

Yes, they are little robots. And they are personalized just for you! Just imagine having a funny, intelligent and sometimes quirky best friend right in your pocket. But this best friend is REALLY good with money.

Say hello to more happy spends.

Who doesn’t love a delicious Sunday brunch? Or shopping at your local Farmer’s Market? Or even just relaxing with a book in hand. Wherever you find happiness, Joy will help you get more of it.

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